Your wooden products are made from a natural material, so they require a little TLC to keep them looking their best.

Wood naturally wants to absorb moisture. For this reason, keep your wooden items out of the dishwasher and avoid submerging and soaking in water. To wash, use a damp cloth and mild detergent, and dry straight away. 

We coat all our wood several times with food-safe oils, but these coatings do dry out with use. All wooden items will need re-oiling over their lifetime to keep them looking and performing their best. You'll notice when your item needs re-oiling - the surface will go matt, the colour will lighten and it will have started to lose that 'richness' we love in wood.

We use a neutral oil such as mineral oil, Danish oil or tung oil for the initial finishing (depending on the piece) and a food-safe wax for a final buffing and shine. We always tell you what we used to finish the item so for best results we recommend re-oiling in the same finish. If in doubt, contact us and we'll be happy to advise.

We now make our own wood wax which is made from the same finishes used on your item at the workshop stage. Our Wood wax is a mixture of walnut oil, candellila wax and cold-pressed lemon oil, and is what we’d recommend for rejuvenating any wooden item from us. It’s vegan and completely plant-based. Mineral oil, tung oil or Danish oil can be picked up readily in DIY stores or you can find oils labelled as 'chopping board oil' or 'butchers block oil'. We don’t recommend using natural edible oils such as olive, rapeseed or vegetable, as these may affect the colour of the wood as well as running the risk of going rancid over time.

First, ensure your item is clean and use a lint free cloth to lightly and evenly coat the item in oil or Balm. Don't be tempted to rub the oil in but make sure there are no big pools of oil. Rest the item on some dowels so it doesn't sit in oil, then leave for up to 12 hours. After this time, run a dry cloth over the surface to remove any residue. Leave for a further half an hour, to ensure the surface is dry to the touch and ready to use.

If in doubt, we're always happy to advise! Just contact us.